Thursday, May 7, 2009

my ugly shoes

These two weeks i've been busy going out and about, whether with mum or friends or even alone with only one sentence running through my head: I NEED TO GET READY EVERYTHING BEFORE FLYING! I started buying stuff like emm pegs and hangers and so on and yes, the ugly black platform shoes. OMGAH. Why do we need to wear those? Biggest fashion crime.

First, I'm supposed to go for an interview on the 12th at Maktab Perguruan and i'm flying off to labuan on the next day. Now that i've got my acceptance letter for UiTM, I'm really really confused. And i'm expected to be in Shah Alam to register end of this month.

This is wayyyyyy harder than i thought. *sigh*

Daddy Dearest

On a normal school day, *ahem* i was sitting with dad at church while waiting for my sisters. Let's see, why did i even bother talking about this on my blog? My dad, he's getting older each day, and he's getting more and more amusing, this is serious business. I mean, who's dad would open his mouth real big and start singing to a Mariah Carey song when it was played in a shoe shop, while waiting for his daughter to try on heels? Who's dad would disturb waitresses in the coffee shops, and start going Dayung, Dayung! ? (Dayung means girl in Bidayuh) Okay back to the waiting-at-church topic, was talking to him when he suddenly stood up and dragged himself all the way away from the shade and placed his slippers under the sun.

Mel : Umm dad, what on earth are you doing?

Dad : My slippers are wet, so let me dry them for a little while.

Mel : Omg dad. *hitting him on his arm*

Dad : Eh you know that lady over there opened dad's bag.......

and his gossip session starts...

P/s: Love you dad!

random stuff

LOTI KAWIN, anyone? Was basically laughing my head off when i saw this. OMGAH.
P/s: The roti kahwin's yucky.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Knight in Shining Armour

Penn Badgley. He's good looking. Very charming. Young. What more i can say about him? In Gossip Girl, he plays the character who's more of an average human being, smart and mysterious. That, i find very interesting. Definitely a big break after several encounters with pretty much materialistic boys, who think the world revolves around them i can say. I, personally like those who are thoughtful and who know what they want in life. If you don't, come back and look for me in the nest five to ten years. Those with principles, do step up. Girls are searching for you. Now back to Penn, his eyes twinkle when he smiles. Or when he stares into the eyes of someone he's in love with. *melting* Sadly i'm not the one. He mumbles a lot too, which i find very common in the male species. Alright maybe i exaggerated a little, let's say a few. The mumbling's adorable though, although at times you require the guy to repeat whatever he said a million times. Oh well. Everyone would die to be in his place, from being this lonely unknown guy to a boyfriend of a famous girl who's actually his crush since adolescent. How cute is that. But that, is all part of the drama. If it actually happens in real life, man That's a miracle.

Like everyone else, I pray that will happen to me too. Definitely will be the day i NEVER forget :)

Driving Mess

I was so damn happy after i got my P, even though it took me more than seconds to even retrieve it from my not-so-nice instructor's son. Well, that was two months ago. Driving isn't easy. And i definitely learnt that the hard way. First time i drove, my car died about four-five times. I could drive with a paperbag on my head, but people around kept me sane. I would forget to pull down my handbreak(well, amazingly the car still moves. That's why i love my big car!) Or i'd forget to put on my headlights when i'm driving at night. SUPERWOMAN, yeah right. And i definitely suck at multitasking. DO NOT TALK TO ME WHEN I'M DRIVING, i'm trying to concentrate here unless you want to risk your freakin' life! Now, i'm GLAD to say those bad days were over. AMEN.

Moving on, since my driving's pretty okay, I HATE THEM STUPID INCONSIDERATE DRIVERS. Those who double park, who think they own the freaking road and public space, yeah you! Go for the six hours lecture all over again, take you law test and i won't be surprised if you fail, all the way down the drain. OUCH!

Today I was looking for a parking space and to get to that space i want soooo badly, i had to squeeze my Unser in between this Vios which was parked horizintally behind another car and the Avanza which was way too big for the parking space provided, giving me such narrow path to go through. Well, i'm so sorry if i scratched a little bit of that metallic paint on your nice car or umm, made a little dent on your car's ass but ahh, you know the rules. Plus, this innocent girl who just got her darling P should to be excused. She's new, remember?

That's not all. I was at church with dad waiting for my sisters who were still in school. Yeah, school's over for the day blablabla, and there, another thing which set my heart on fire. DOUBLE PARKING! Parents, parents, parents. How do you expect to show excellent examples to your kids out there, when you ARE obviously breaking the law. Wait, in case you haven't noticed, you're parking on the YELLOW LINE! Does it hurt to find a proper parking space when there are so many spaces there? People please, have you got no feelings and consideration? Because of this, we were stuck there for maybe ten minutes or longer. I mean, you are driving the good-looking black Alphard, don't you think it needs a proper parking spot where people can actually admire it instead of mocking it and got people saying, "What the Hell is that Alphard doing there? These wealthy so called highly educated people are of no use."

There, I've said it. You know who you are. All i'm saying is, Please Please be more considerate and do think of people too other than yourself.